Vascular Flora and Woody Plant Structure and Composition at Gooseberry Island Nature Preserve, Kankakee County, Illinois

Author : Paul B. Marcum

Additional Authors : Daniel T. Busemeyer, Loy R. Phillippe John E. Ebinger

ABSTRACT A survey of vascular plant species at Gooseberry Island Nature Preserve, a 5.56 ha forested island, was conducted during the 2004 growing season. This study was undertaken to document the composition and structure of the vascular flora and to provide baseline information for land management decisions. A young second growth wet floodplain forest and …


Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award — 2010 Recipients

Author : Lisa Kelly

The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society presents annually the Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award in memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew’s untiring service to the public, to plant systematics, and to the Society. At the 2010 meeting of the Society in Asheville, North Carolina, the Award was bestowed upon Dr. Donald R. Windler, retired professor of botany. The …


Richard and Minnie Windler Award – 2010 Recipients

Author : Alan S. Weakley

The 2010 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Recipients are Jimmie Thompson, Bill Norris, and Deb Lewis, for their paper ‘‘The Vascular Flora of Ledges State Park (Boone County, Iowa) Revisited: Revelations and Recommendations’’ (Castanea 74:390–423). Download PDF for full award text


Changes in Forest Composition and Structure across the Red Spruce-Hardwood Ecotone in the Central Appalachians

Author : Adam W. Rollins

Additional Authors : Harold S. Adams, Steven L. Stephenson

ABSTRACT During the period of 1992 to 1994, ten belt transects, each consisting of a series of contiguous 10 3 10 m (100 m2) quadrats, were established and sampled at seven study sites in southwestern Virginia and eastern central West Virginia. Each transect extended from a red spruce-dominated community through the ecotone and into the …


Tree Species Composition and Structure in an Old Bottomland Hardwood Forest in South-Central Arkansas

Author : Brian Roy Lockhart

Additional Authors : James M. Guldin Thomas Foti

ABSTRACT Tree species composition and structure was determined for an old bottomland hardwood forest located in the Moro Creek Bottoms Natural Area in south-central Arkansas. Diversity for this forest was high with species richness ranging from 33 for the overstory and sapling strata to 26 for the seedling stratum and Shannon-Weiner values of 2.54 to …


Vascular Flora of Iroquois Woods Nature Preserve, Kankakee County, Illinois

Author : Daniel T. Busemeyer

Additional Authors : Loy R. Phillippe, Paul B. Marcum, John E. Ebinger

ABSTRACT The Iroquois Woods Nature Preserve, located just south of Aroma Park, Kankakee County, is in the Kankakee Sand Area of northeastern Illinois. Three relatively distinct topographic zones exist within the preserve (low terrace, shallow depression, high sand terrace). The forest overstory in all three zones, however, is very similar with most of the same …


Vascular Flora of the Warren Wilson College Campus, Swannanoa, North Carolina

Author : Amy E. Boyd

Additional Authors : Amanda L. Monroe

ABSTRACT The 459 ha property that makes up the Warren Wilson College campus (Buncombe County, North Carolina) consists of a variety of forested, wetland, agricultural, and disturbed habitats. A total of 991 specimens of vascular plants were collected during 2007–09 to obtain a vouchered flora of the campus property. These specimens documented 562 species in …


Noteworthy Collections: Pennsylvania 75(3)

Author : Jerry G. Chmielewski

Alchemilla monticola Opiz (ROSACEAE)— Butler County: Slippery Rock University campus, edge of a wooded, grassy, gravel base slope on the south side of Patterson Hall; 41u03.6639N, 080u02.8889W; elevation ca. 428 m; 5 June 2009. J. Chmielewski 3208 (SLRO). Significance. This is the first collection of Alchemilla monticola (hairy lady’s mantle) from Pennsylvania. This introduced, herbaceous …


The Phylogeny of the Southeastern United States Hymenocallis (Amaryllidaceae) Based on ISSR Fingerprinting and Morphological Data

Author : Catherine M. Bush

Additional Authors : Dollie Rollins, Gerald L. Smith

ABSTRACT The phylogeny of the southeastern United States species of Hymenocallis was investigated using 23 ISSR presence/absence characters and 10 qualitative and quantitative morphological characters. Maximum Parsimony (MP) and Neighbor Joining (NJ) analyses with bootstrap replicates were performed in PAUP. The total combined data NJ analysis showed several supported clades with morphological synapomorphies. Hymenocallis choctawensis …


Confirmation of the Hybrid Origin of Eupatorium 3truncatum (Asteraceae) Using Nuclear and Plastid Markers

Author : Michael R. McKain

Additional Authors : Mark A. Chapman Amanda L. Ingram

ABSTRACT Eupatorium 3truncatum (Asteraceae) is distributed throughout the eastern United States and is thought to have originated from interspecific hybridization between E. perfoliatum and E. serotinum. This study confirms the hybrid origin of one E. 3truncatum population in central Indiana through analysis of DNA sequence data from nuclear ITS and corroborates the morphology-based hypothesis that …