President’s Message: John Denver and Botany

Author : Lytton John Musselman

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Plant-Soil-Hydrology Relationships in Three Carolina Bays in Bladen County, North Carolina

Author : Britta P. Dimick

Additional Authors : Jon M. Stucky, Wade Wall, Michael J. Vepraskas, Thomas R. Wentworth, Consuello Arellano

ABSTRACT This study provides quantitative ecological targets for restoring degraded peatbased Carolina Bays in the Carolina Flatwoods Ecoregion. Cluster analysis of vegetation data from three Carolina Bay reference sites in Bladen County, North Carolina, indicated four plant communities present: pond pine (Pinus serotina) woodland, non-riverine swamp forest dominated by swamp gum (Nyssa biflora), high pocosin …


Tree Seedling Establishment Under the Native Shrub, Asimina triloba

Author : Marilyn Baumer

Additional Authors : James R. Runkle

ABSTRACT Both native and invasive species that form forest understory layers affect tree seedling establishment worldwide. We compared the density and survival of canopy tree seedlings under and outside patches of the native shrub, Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal (Annonaceae) (pawpaw). We also conducted a manipulative experiment to determine whether above ground or below ground competition …


The Responses of Rare and Common Trilliums (Trillium reliquum, T. cuneatum, and T. maculatum) to Deer Herbivory and Invasive Honeysuckle Removal

Author : Lissa M. Leege

Additional Authors : Jacob S. Thompson, D. Joshua Parris

ABSTRACT Assessing the factors that may contribute to rarity in flowering plants is important in preserving biodiversity. One method of examining these factors is through comparisons of rare species to more common congeners. While these studies are fairly common, most focus on comparisons of intrinsic factors, such as growth and dispersal rates and other physical …


Sweet-scented Indian-plantain, Hasteola suaveolens (L.) Pojark., in Riparian Plant Communities of the Allegheny River Islands Wilderness, Pennsylvania

Author : Charles E. Williams

ABSTRACT Sweet-scented Indian-plantain, Hasteola suaveolens (L.) Pojark., is a species of special concern in 13 states and jurisdictions in the eastern United States and occurs predominantly in riparian habitats. In the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) of northwestern Pennsylvania, H. suaveolens is considered a species with viability concerns. I surveyed riparian plant communities in the Allegheny …


Breeding System of Ruellia succulenta Small (Acanthaceae)

Author : John H. Geiger

Additional Authors : Paul D. Pratt, Suzanne Koptur

ABSTRACT This study examines the breeding system of Ruellia succulenta (Acanthaceae), an herbaceous perennial found in the pine rockland habitat of southern Florida. Hand pollination treatments were performed on 75 plants, 25 from each of three sites. Treatments applied to test plants included: 1) control (no manipulation), 2) anthers-removed, 3) self-pollinated, and 4) cross-pollinated. The …


Fire History of a Post Oak (Quercus stellata Wang.) Woodland in Hamilton County, Illinois

Author : William E. McClain

Additional Authors : Terry L. Esker, Bob R. Edgin, Greg Spyreas, John E. Ebinger

ABSTRACT Cross-sections of 36 post oaks (Quercus stellata Wang.) were examined to determine the fire history of a post oak woodland in Hamilton County, Illinois. The 226-year tree ring record contained three distinct periods; a fire era from 1776 to1850 having a mean fire return interval of 1.97 years, a fire-free period from 1851 to1884, …


A Bibliography of North Carolina Local Floras

Author : Michael W. Denslow

Additional Authors : Michael W. Palmer, Zack E. Murrell

ABSTRACT Vascular plant checklists (floras) supply key information for biodiversity studies by providing a comprehensive picture of the floristic composition of a specific study area. A bibliography of floras conducted within the state of North Carolina was compiled. Eighty-six floras were completed within North Carolina between the years 1834 and 2009. Floras conducted in North …


The Vascular Flora of Sandy Run Savannas State Natural Area, Onslow and Pender Counties, North Carolina

Author : John B. Taggart

ABSTRACT The vascular plants of Sandy Run Savannas State Natural Area, located in portions of Onslow and Pender counties, North Carolina, are presented as an annotated species list. A total of 590 taxa in 315 genera and 119 families were collected from eight plant communities. Families with the highest numbers of species were the Asteraceae …


Noteworthy Collections: Alabama 75(4)

Author : Brian R. Keener

Hamamelis ovalis S.W. Leonard (HAMAMELIDACEAE)— Clarke County: collected 10.5 air km SSW of Grove Hill, just S of intermittent, unnamed tributary of Rabbit Creek, ca. 1.3 air km N of jct. with Maubila Scout Camp Road and Co. Rd. 19; ; 28 August 2009, B. R. Keener 5609 with W. K. Webb (UWAL, duplicates to …