Book Review — A guide to Florida grasses by Walter Kingsley Taylor

Author : Tyler Smith

Taylor, Walter Kingsley. 2009. A guide to Florida grasses. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. $49.95. ISBN-10: 0813033195, ISBN-13: 978-0813033198.   The economic and ecological importance of grasses is matched only by the difficulty they present to field botanists hoping to attach a name to a specimen. All the familiar landmarks are absent; there are no …


Intraspecific Sequence Variation of cpDNA Shows Two Distinct Groups Within Magnolia virginiana L. of Eastern North America and Cuba

Author : Hiroshi Azuma

Additional Authors : Richard B. Figlar, Peter Del Tredici, Koen Camelbeke, Alejandro Palmarola-Bejerano, Mikhail S. Romanov

ABSTRACT Magnolia virginiana, the type species of genus Magnolia, is a native American species belonging to section Magnolia. To better understand intraspecific taxonomy of Magnolia virginiana, we conducted molecular phylogenetic analysis based on sequences of cpDNA. Fresh leaves were collected from 28 populations (a total of 133 individuals) covering the entire distribution of the species, …


Phlox ovata L. (Polemoniaceae): Clarification of the Nomenclature of the Allegheny Phlox

Author : James H. Locklear

ABSTRACT Proposed by Linnaeus in 1753, Phlox ovata was a name of long-standing use until Reveal et al. established that an illustration cited in the Linnaean protologue and designated as the type of the species by a later monographer was based on a species from a different family, seemingly rendering P. ovata L. invalid and …


Synopsis of the Hypericum denticulatum Complex (Hypericaceae)

Author : James R. Allison

ABSTRACT Among herbaceous species of Hypericum with surficially glandular-punctate leaves and quadrate, narrowly winged stems, the five taxa of the ‘‘Hypericum denticulatum complex’’ of southeastern United States have in common petals that are strongly inequilateral, orange-yellow, ca. 1 cm long and 0.5 cm wide; stamens numerous (50–80); and styles comparatively long (2–4 mm). Three of …


Observations on the Relationship Between Above- and Below-Ground Anthocyanin Production in Galax urceolata (Poir.) Brummitt Growing in Sun-Exposed and Shaded Locations

Author : Howard S. Neufeld

Additional Authors : Derick B. Poindexter, Paula F. Murakami Paul G. Schaberg

ABSTRACT Galax urceolata (Diapensiaceae) is a common evergreen herb of southern Appalachian forests. During the fall and winter, leaves of plants in high light produce substantial amounts of anthocyanins. Oddly, rhizomes in these plants also accumulate anthocyanins. The purpose of this observational study was to identify seasonal trends in anthocyanin production in above- and below-ground …


Noteworthy Collections: Alabama 76(1)

Author : L. J. Davenport

Ranunculus ficaria L. (RANUNCULACEAE)— Jefferson County: Edge of low woods at south end of soccer fields, Mountain Brook Elementary School, Mountain Brook; 33u28.8569N, 86u46.1929W; 13 March 2007, L. J. Davenport 3627 (SAMF, UNA, UWAL). Significance. The presence of this taxon at the Mountain Brook soccer fields was reported to the author in early March 2007, …


A Checklist of the Vascular Flora of Crenshaw County, Alabama

Author : Alvin R. Diamond, Jr.

ABSTRACT The vascular flora of Crenshaw County, Alabama, was surveyed from 1987 to 2010. A total of 1171 taxa (species and hybrids) in 565 genera from 150 families are reported. Twenty-five taxa represented by herbarium specimens from Crenshaw County were not recollected during this study. The Inventory List of Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants, Animals …


Canopy Disturbance Patterns in Secondary Hardwood Stands on the Highland Rim of Alabama

Author : Justin L. Hart

Additional Authors : Arvind A.R. Bhuta, Rebecca M. Schneider

ABSTRACT Disturbance regimes of many hardwood forests of the eastern United States in the complex stage of development are characterized by localized canopy disturbance events that change fine-scale biophysical conditions. Recently, research has demonstrated the importance of gap-scale disturbance processes in secondary hardwood stands of the southern Appalachian Highlands. However, information on canopy disturbance patterns …


Seed Germination of Habenaria repens (Orchidaceae) in situ Beyond its Range, and its Potential for Assisted Migration Imposed by Climate Change

Author : Brian G. Keel

Additional Authors : Lawrence W. Zettler Beth A. Kaplin

ABSTRACT All orchids require free-living, mycorrhizal fungi to complete their life cycles in nature and consequently, orchid conservation must take into account both organisms. In light of climate change now underway, orchids and other plants must be capable of migrating to higher latitudes, either on their own or with human intervention (5assisted migration). In this …


Genetic Variation and Population Structure of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. lyrata (Brassicaceae) along the Eastern Seaboard of North America

Author : Michael W. Lloyd

Additional Authors : Bernadette Roche, Roland P. Roberts

ABSTRACT Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. lyrata is widespread but edaphically restricted, which suggests that the dispersal ability and level of genetic exchange among populations might be limited. We assessed levels of genetic diversity and population differentiation within and among six A. lyrata ssp. lyrata populations from along the eastern seaboard of the United States by examining …