Book Review: Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide. Illustrations by Anna Anisko.

Author : Ronald L. Jones

Block, T.A., and A.F. Rhoads. 2011. Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide. Illustrations by Anna Anis´ko. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 308 p. Hardcover, $60.00. ISBN 978-0-8122-4306-2.


Noteworthy Collections: Haiti (77-4)

Author : Walter S. Judd

Additional Authors : Joel C. Timyan Gretchen M. Ionta

The collections listed below were made on recent Haitian fieldtrips by the second author, and each collection is associated with one or more photographs of the living plant. Clidemia umbellata (Mill.) L.O. Williams (MELASTOMATACEAE)— Dept. de l’Artibonite: near Morne Boeuf Mecranium integrifolium (Naud.) Triana subsp. neibense (Skean) Skean (MELASTOMATACEAE)— Dept. de l’Artibonite: near Morne Boeuf …


Noteworthy Collections: Tennessee (77-4)

Author : Sunny A. Hart

Additional Authors : Joey Shaw, Dwayne Estes,

Lathyrus sylvestris L. (FABACEAE)—Polk County: 2.3 km(by road) E on US Hwy 64 from Ocoee Dam No.1 Significance. This is the first collection of L. sylvestris from Tennessee. This introduced species has an irregular distribution across eastern North America; seven states in the western USA and British Columbia, Canada (USDA 2011). Prior to this collection, …


Scientific Note: Stenanthium leimanthoides (Melanthiaceae) and Nestronia umbellula (Santalaceae) in Alabama

Author : Michael Wayne Morris

Preview: Stenanthium leimanthoides (A. Gray) Zomlefer & Judd, commonly known as pine barren deathcamas, is classified in the Melanthiaceae family and is a former member of the polyphyletic genus Zigadenus (Zomlefer and Judd 2002). It is spottily distributed from New York and New Jersey south through West Virginia to North Carolina and Tennessee. It also …


The Genus Crotalaria (Fabaceae) in Alabama

Author : Lindsay D. Leverett

Additional Authors : Michael Woods

ABSTRACT The primary objectives of this project were to determine which species of Crotalaria (Fabaceae) occur in Alabama and the county distribution of each species. Crotalaria, known commonly as rattlebox, is recognized as consisting of seven species in Alabama. The most common species are Crotalaria sagittalis, C. rotundifolia, and C. spectabilis. The less common species …


Tree Species Composition and Diversity and the Abundance of Exotics in Forest Fragments of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Author : Leigh A. Siderhurst

Additional Authors : Heather P. Griscom, Chas Kyger, Julia Stutzman, Brad Trumbo

ABSTRACT Forest fragmentation continues to increase throughout the United States and many studies show a trend toward taxonomic homogenization in fragments. Characterizing the species composition and diversity of remaining forest fragments and identifying factors influencing composition and diversity can help to inform management practices and aid in setting conservation priorities. Because influencing factors tend to …


Forest Composition and Structure on Glade-forming Limestones in Middle Tennessee

Author : David A. Adams

Additional Authors : Jeffrey L. Walck, R. Stephen Howard, Per Milberg

ABSTRACT Within a successional context, the vegetation associated with the cedar glade ecosystem in middle Tennessee develops from bare limestone bedrock to subclimax redcedar, preclimax oak-hickory, and climax mixed hardwood forests. Studies on the composition and structure of forests associated with cedar glade–forming limestones (Lebanon, Ridley) are rare. We sampled the canopy and understory of …


Relative Stability of Plant Communities in a South Carolina High Salt Marsh

Author : James O. Luken

ABSTRACT The high marsh in southeast Atlantic coast salt marshes forms a relatively small but ecologically important transition zone between low marsh and the terrestrial shoreline. However, long-term trend data from high marshes are limited to a few studies. Permanent plots established in a high marsh near Waties Island in northeast South Carolina were measured …


Patchy Invasion of Riparian Savannas by Rhamnus frangula L. (Rhamnaceae) in Northwestern Pennsylvania: Is Soil Drainage a Factor?

Author : Charles E. Williams

Additional Authors : Sharon L. Krock

ABSTRACT Glossy buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula L. or Frangula alnus Mill.) is a tall shrub to small tree, native to Eurasia and North Africa, which can invade both wetland and upland sites in northeastern and midwestern North America. Invasion by R. frangula is often patchy in riparian savannas of the Allegheny High Plateau of northwestern Pennsylvania: …


Estimating Rhododendron maximum L. (Ericaceae) Canopy Cover Using GPS/GIS Technology

Author : Tyler J. Tran

Additional Authors : Katherine J. Elliott

ABSTRACT In the southern Appalachians, Rhododendron maximum L. (Ericaceae) is a key evergreen understory species, often forming a subcanopy in forest stands. Little is known about the significance of R. maximum cover in relation to other forest structural variables. Only recently have studies used Global Positioning System (GPS) technology as a field-based method to map …