Book Review: Southern Appalachian Celebration: In Praise of Ancient Mountains, Old-Growth Forests, & Wilderness

Author : Jim Scheff

Southern Appalachian Celebration: In Praise of Ancient Mountains, Old-Growth Forests, & Wilderness, by James Valentine and Chris Bolgiano is, in short, a beautiful book. Turning the pages of this large-format, coffee table-style book, the reader is treated to James Valentine’s stunning photographs, which capture the beauty and uniqueness of the landscapes and ecology of southern …


Elevated CO2 Does Not Ameliorate the Negative Consequences of Infection with the Xylem-Limited Bacteria Xylella fastidiosa in Quercus rubra Seedlings

Author : Kimberly O’Keefe

Additional Authors : Celia Del Cid, Catalina Arango Pinedo, William Puetz, Clint J. Springer,

ABSTRACT Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration ([CO2]) alters the physiology, growth, and development of plants. These changes in plant functioning are likely to impact the relationship between some plant pathogens and their hosts. This study examined the interactive effects of elevated [CO2] and the economically important, xylem-limited bacterial pathogen Xylella fastidiosa Wells et al. on …


Noteworthy Collections: Oklahoma (78-3)

Author : Amy K. Buthod

Additional Authors : Bruce W. Hoagland

Harperella nodosa Rose (APIACEAE)— McCurtain County: Lower Mountain Fork River. Growing along a muddy riverbank. Associates: Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. (some plants were growing among the cypress knees), Calamovilfa arcuata K.E. Rogers, Carex glaucescens Elliott, Commelina virginica L., Gratiola brevifolia Raf., Xyris jupicai Rich., Justicia americana (L.) Vahl, Mikania scandens (L.) Willd., Lobelia cardinalis L., …


Management of a Population of the Federally Endangered Xyris tennesseensis (Tennessee Yellow-Eyed Grass)

Author : James Mincy Moffett, Jr.

Additional Authors : Robert S. Boyd,

ABSTRACT A 3-yr study was conducted to determine effects from cutting shrubs that were shading a population of Xyris tennesseensis Kral inhabiting a calcareous seepage fen of the Ridge and Valley Ecoregion. Shrubs were cut to ground level on small plots and Xyris flowering, ramet numbers (a ramet is defined as a leaf-producing stem) and …


Prairie-Relict Communities of a Piedmont Monadnock

Author : Robert D. Tompkins

A floristic survey of Crowders Mountain State Park, located in Gaston and Cleveland Counties in North Carolina, was conducted from 2010–2011 to document prairie-relict species. In addition, 1-m2 quadrats (n ¼ 200) were sampled from four remnant power line rights-ofway/ roadside prairie communities in the park to assess community structure. Cover and frequency values were …


Canopy Gap Dynamics in a Second-Growth Appalachian Hardwood Forest in West Virginia

Author : Jamie Marie Himes

Additional Authors : James S. Rentch

ABSTRACT We examined canopy gaps on the 3,100 ha West Virginia University Research Forest (WVURF), a 70–80 year-old, second-growth, Appalachian hardwood forest near Morgantown, West Virginia. The objectives of this study were: (a) to describe gap characteristics (size, age, fraction, regeneration and gap-makers) of the forest as a whole, and (b) to assess whether gap …


2013 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Recipients — Joey Shaw, Hill Craddock, and Meagan Binkley

Author : Editor


The Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award – 2013 Ad

Author : Editor


Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award — 2013 Recipient: Stewart A. Ware

Author : Gail S. Baker

Dr. Stewart A. Ware, Emeritus Professor of Biology at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, received the Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award on April 12th at the annual meeting of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society (SABS) held in Charleston, West Virginia. This annual award honors the memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew’s untiring and …