Book Review: The Lichens and Allied Fungi of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, An Annotated Checklist with Comprehensive Keys

Author : Irwin M. Brodo

Lendemer, James C., Richard C. Harris, and Erin A. Tripp. 2013. The Lichens and Allied Fungi of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, An Annotated Checklist with Comprehensive Keys. Memoirs New York Botanical Garden 104: i–vii, 1–156. New York Botanical Garden Press. $55.00. ISBN-10: 0893275212, ISBN-13: 978–0893275211.


Youngia thunbergiana (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a Species Overlooked in the North American Flora

Author : Lowell E. Urbatsch

Additional Authors : John F. Pruski, Kurt M. Neubig,

ABSTRACT Youngia thunbergiana is documented for North America from Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. Lloyd Shinners in 1964 reported this species for the District of Columbia and North Carolina, a fact apparently overlooked by subsequent investigators. When recognized, this taxon was generally treated as Youngia japonica subsp. elstonii, based on specimens from Hawaii, …


Noteworthy Collections: Virginia — Commelina benghalensis New to Virginia

Author : W. John Hayden

Commelina benghalensis L. (COMMELINACEAE)— Henrico County: University of Richmond campus, flower bed adjacent to Richmond Way, between Weinstein Hall and Whitehurst Building, 37834040.9200N, 77832018.9300W, 19 October 2012, W. J. Hayden 5688 (URV, duplicates at: FARM, JMU, LYN, MARY, NCU, ODU, VCU, VPI, WILLI, WVA). Significance. This is the first report of Commelina benghalensis (Benghal dayflower, …


Identification of Nonnative Phragmites at Clear Creek Wildlife Management Area, Kentucky, Using Genetic Techniques

Author : Emily K. Croteau

Additional Authors : Emily K. Croteau Howard H. Whiteman

Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. (common reed), a perennial wetland grass, has been present in the United States along both Atlantic and Pacific coasts for hundreds of years (Orson 1999, Goman and Wells 2000). Phragmites was deemed rare in the 1800s (Saltonstall 2002) and according to Ward (2010), its distribution was discontinuous in portions …


Floristic Survey of the Vascular Plants of Shenandoah County, Virginia

Author : Brinton E. Domangue

Additional Authors : Conley K. McMullen

ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to create a comprehensive list of the vascular plants of Shenandoah County, Virginia. Specimens were collected from the field during the 2011 growing season, from March 21 to October 27, and part of the 2012 growing season, from March 22 to May 30. Local herbaria of James Madison …


The Vascular Flora and Vegetational Communities of Cabin Creek Raised Bog, Randolph County, Indiana

Author : Donald G. Ruch

Additional Authors : Byron G. Torke Kemuel S. Badger John E. Taylor Benjamin R. Hess Paul E. Rothrock

ABSTRACT From 2004 to 2012 a study of the flora and floral communities at Cabin Creek Raised Bog (Cabin Creek) was conducted. Cabin Creek, designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in December, 1974, is privately owned. It is located in west-central Randolph County, Indiana. An inventory of the vascular flora revealed …


Description and Classification of Lindera melissifolia Habitat in the Southeastern Coastal Plain

Author : Anne C. Beckley

Additional Authors : Joel M. Gramling

ABSTRACT Lindera melissifolia is a federally endangered wetland shrub endemic to the Southeastern Coastal Plain and the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Lindera melissifolia is known to occupy seasonally flooded habitats, but little work has been done to describe habitat characteristics in the Southeastern Coastal Plain region. This research uses vegetation and environmental data collected from …


Prior Prevalence of Shortleaf Pine-Oak-Hickory Woodlands in the Tallahassee Red Hills

Author : Andre F. Clewell

ABSTRACT Shortleaf pine-oak-hickory woodlands provided the principal vegetation cover in the Tallahassee Red Hills prior to land clearing for plantation agriculture in the 19th century. Ample historical documentation and extant remnants of that community, including old-growth, support this conclusion. This woodland was maintained by surface fires and consisted principally of open stands of shortleaf pine, …


Long-Term Seedling Height Growth and Compositional Changes Following Logging and Wildfire in a Central Pennsylvania Oak Forest

Author : Marc D. Abrams

Additional Authors : Kim C. Steiner

Overstory and understory data were collected over a 15-year period (1996–2011) before and after seed tree logging in 1996 and an accidental wildfire in 2006 in a young developing mixed-oak forest in central Pennsylvania. The mature forest overstory was dominated by chestnut oak (Quercus montana) followed by northern red oak (Quercus rubra), black oak (Quercus …


Landscape Scale Ecosystems of the Pine Mountain Range, Georgia

Author : Robert Carter

Additional Authors : Robert Floyd

ABSTRACT Landscape scale analysis of the vegetation of the Pine Mountain Range of westcentral Georgia revealed fourteen plant communities. This unique mountain chain at the southern border of the Piedmont has a plant composition with a mixture of Appalachian, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain species. Dry ridgetops supported Pinus palustris and Quercus laevis, while steep moist …