Composition, Biomass, and Overstory Spatial Patterns in a Mature Pine-Hardwood Stand in Southeastern Arkansas

Author : Don C. Bragg

ABSTRACT A 1.21-ha plot was established in a mature pine–hardwood forest (Hyatt’s Woods) along a low stream terrace in southeastern Arkansas. Compositionally, this stand had considerable arboreal richness, with 26 different tree species ‡9 cm in diameter. Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) contributed 42% of the stand’s 37.1 m2/ha of basal area; the remaining fraction included …


Current and Historical Variation in Wiregrass (Aristida stricta) Abundance and Distribution Is Not Detectable from Soil d13C Measurements in Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) Savannas

Author : Jennifer L. Schafer

Additional Authors : Bradley P. Breslow, Michael G. Just, Matthew G. Hohmann, Stephanie N. Hollingsworth, Samantha L. Swatling-Holcomb, William A. Hoffmann,

Plant species distributions and transitions between vegetation types are determined by numerous factors, including disturbances such as fire. Documentation of past changes in the distribution and structure of fire-dependent ecosystems is necessary to assess the success of land management in maintaining historic vegetation types. In our study system—longleaf pine (Pinus palustris)-wiregrass (Aristida stricta) savannas and …


Book Review: Flora of Virginia. Bland Crowder, ed.

Author : Conley K. McMullen

Weakley, Alan S., J. Christopher Ludwig, and John F. Townsend. 2012. Flora of Virginia. Bland Crowder, ed. Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project Inc., Richmond. Fort Worth: Botanical Research Institute of Texas Press. 1572 p. Hardcover, $89.99. ISBN-13: 978-1-889878-38-6.


Author : Editor

The Editorial Committee gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following people who reviewed manuscripts for Castanea during 2013. CASTANEA REVIEWERS FOR 2013 Marc D. Abrams Matthew Albrecht Loran Anderson Clare Aslan Brent T. Baker Larry Barden Carol Baskauf Loretta Battaglia Vanessa Beauchamp Kimberly Bohn Amy E. Boyd Irwin M. Brodo Luc Brouillet Charles T. Bryson Jessica R. …


Book Review: Woody Plants of Kentucky and Tennessee: The Complete Winter Guide to Their Identification and Use

Author : Michael A. Vincent

Jones, Ronald L. and B. Eugene Wofford. 2013. Woody Plants of Kentucky and Tennessee: The Complete Winter Guide to Their Identification and Use. University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, 224 p. Hardcover, $45.00. ISBN: 978-0-8131-4250-0.


Book Review: Tree Thinking: An Introduction to Phylogenetic Biology

Author : Brad R. Ruhfel

Baum, David A. and Stacey D. Smith. 2012. Tree Thinking: An Introduction to phylogenetic Biology. Roberts and Company Publishers, Greenwood Village, Colorado, 476 p. Hardcover, $75.00. ISBN 978-1-9362-2116-5.


Sphenoclea zeylanica (Sphenocleaceae) in North America—Dispersal, Ecology, and Morphology

Author : Richard Carter

Additional Authors : Jordan C. Jones, Russell H. Goddard,

ABSTRACT Sphenoclea zeylanica is described and its phenology, habitat, and distribution documented in North America, based upon data from voucher specimens and original field observations. The species, an exotic native to Asia, has been in the United States since the mid-1800s, with the earliest records from Louisiana where it was most likely introduced as a …


Noteworthy Collections: Virginia (79-1)

Author : Conley K. McMullen

Additional Authors : Brinton E. Domangue

Leavenworthia uniflora (Michaux) Britton (Brassicaceae)—Shenandoah County: Rt. 733 roadside, on edge of Flat Rock Church parking lot. Lat: 38.69979 N, Lon: 78.74548 W. 22 March 2012. Brinton E. Domangue 666 (JMUH). Rt. 733 at Flat Rock Church, next to parking lot on north side of the church. Population of perhaps 50 individuals on lawn. Lat: …


Scientific Note: What’s Eating the Fruit of the Miccosukee Gooseberry?

Author : R. Todd Engstrom

Additional Authors : Tom Radzio

ABSTRACT The Miccosukee gooseberry (Ribes echinellum Coville), a federally threatened shrub, has a restricted distribution at single sites in north Florida and South Carolina. The Florida population is apparently stable overall, but one subpopulation has declined over the past decade. This decline spurred resumption of long-term monitoring and research into potential causes of the plant’s …


Life Cycle, Vegetative Propagation, and Reintroduction of Federally Endangered Rough- Leaved Loosestrife, Lysimachia asperulifolia

Author : Michael Kunz

Additional Authors : Misty F. Buchanan, John L. Randall, Wade A. Wall, Matthew G. Hohmann

ABSTRACT The ability to propagate and successfully reintroduce rare plant species is an important component in the conservation biologist’s toolbox. Unfortunately for many species, propagation methods and details about the species’ life histories, which can potentially inform reintroduction efforts, are often unknown. We describe for the first time the pseudoannual life cycle of rough-leaved loosestrife …