Floristics of Piedmont Gabbro Upland Depression Forests in Jasper County, Georgia

Author : Sabrina Y.S. Sewell

Additional Authors : Wendy B. Zomlefer


Physiological Response of Southern Appalachian High-Elevation Rock Outcrop Herbs to Reduced Cloud Immersion

Author : Katherine E. Culatta

Additional Authors : Jonathan L. Horton,

ABSTRACT Cloud immersion experienced by high-elevation rock outcrop plants reduces the leaf-to-air vapor pressure deficit (VPD), decreasing transpirational water loss. Frequent cloud immersion might ameliorate water stress in shallow-soil outcrop communities, increasing water use efficiency and growth. Current climate pattern predictions propose that Southern Appalachian cloud immersion frequency will decrease, potentially increasing water stress in …


The Reproduction and Ecology of Hypericum edisonianum: An Endangered Florida Endemic

Author : Warren G. Abrahamson

Additional Authors : Sam P. Vander Kloet


Forest Development 44 Years after Fire Exclusion in Formerly Annually Burned Oldfield Pine Woodland, Florida

Author : Andre F. Clewell

Young mixed hardwood forest communities that colonized abandoned croplands during the late 19th century in northern Florida were typically winter burned annually after pine saplings could survive fire. Hardwood trees persisted as coppice that grew from root crowns within grassy undergrowth. This plant community changed little thereafter, except for the continued growth of pine trees. …


Long-Term Forest Changes in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Author : Michael Held

Additional Authors : Susan Jones-Held

ABSTRACT The forest communities of northeastern Pennsylvania are diverse due to variation in climate, geologic history, soil types, and topography. This research specifically surveyed the forest communities of the Bear Creek region of southeastern Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to document the current forest community composition and to compare …


Investigation of Seed Treatments and Fertilizer on Growth of Penstemon tubaeflorus

Author : Jenna Annis

Additional Authors : Jennifer O’Brien, Janice Coons, Nancy Coutant, Juston Curry

ABSTRACT Penstemon tubaeflorus is a North American prairie forb of conservation concern. Protocols for seed germination and transplant production involving fertilization are needed for conservation purposes. Our objectives were to compare techniques for breaking seed dormancy and increasing germination, and to investigate fertilizer on growth of Penstemon tubaeflorus. Seed treatments were hickory smoke seasoning solution …


2014 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Recipients

Author : Mac H. Alford

Systematics—Lisa E. Wallace and Christopher H. Doffitt Ecological—Donald G. Ruch, Byron G. Torke, Kemuel S. Badger, John E. Taylor, Benjamin R. Hess, and Paul E. Rothrock The Richard and Minnie Windler Award recognizes the authors of the best systematic botany paper published in Castanea during the previous year. For 2013, authors of two papers were selected as …


The Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award — 2014 Ad

Author : Editor


2014 Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award Recipient — Thomas Wentworth

Author : Charles N. Horn

Dr. Thomas Wentworth, Professor of Plant Biology at the North Carolina State University, received the Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award on 4 April 2014 at the annual meeting of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society (SABS), held in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This annual award honors the memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew’s untiring and unselfish service to SABS, …