Noteworthy Collections New Reports of Nonnative Plants in Pennsylvania

Author : David M. Krayesky

Additional Authors : Jerry G. Chmielewski

ABSTRACT Range extensions to Butler County (Albizia julibrissin Durazz., Maclura pomifera (Raf.) C.K. Schneid., and Magnolia kobus DC.), Mercer County (Bellis perennis L.), Venango County (Lespedeza cuneata (Dum. Cours.) G. Don), and both Allegheny and Lawrence Counties (Arundinaria gigantea (Walter) Muhl.) are reported. All species are nonnative to Pennsylvania, and L. cuneata and A. julibrissin …


Book Review: 2016. Wildflowers of New England

Author : Allison W. Cusick

Elliman, Ted and New England Wild Flower Society. 2016. Wildflowers of New England. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 448 p. Flexbound, $27.95. ISBN 978-1-60469-464-2.


A Review of the Lichens of the Dare Regional Biodiversity Hotspot in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, Eastern North America

Author : James C. Lendemer

Additional Authors : Richard C. Harris, Ana Maria Ruiz,

ABSTRACT The results of a large-scale biodiversity inventory of lichens (including lichenicolous and allied fungi) in the Dare Regional Biodiversity Hotspot (DRBH) are presented. The DRBH is a region within the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain (MACP) of eastern North America that was recently delineated based on its unique and diverse lichen communities relative to other areas …