Book Review: Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee (editors: E.W. Chester, B.E. Wofford, J. Shaw, D. Estes, and D.H. Webb)

Author : Shawn E. Krosnick

Tennessee Flora Committee. 2015. Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee (editors: E.W. Chester, B.E. Wofford, J. Shaw, D. Estes, and D.H. Webb). The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, Tennessee. 813 p. Hardcover. $49.95. ISBN 978-1-62190-100-6.


Noteworthy Collections: Mississippi (81-2)

Author : Jenna E. Dorey

Additional Authors : Charles T. Bryson

Carex albursina Sheldon (CYPERACEAE)— Tishomingo County The population consists of 12 individuals growing on steep, north-facing slope with exposed limestone outcrops in mesic woods. The forest floor is dominated by mosses. Associates. Fraxinus biltmoreana Beadle, Quercus prinus L., Tilia americana L., Aesculus glabra Willd., Quercus rubra L., Staphylea trifolia L., Cladrastis kentukea (Dum. Cours.) Rudd, …


Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the Gopher Farm Sandhill, Wayne County, Mississippi

Author : Daniel M. McNair

Additional Authors : S. Brittany Nicholson Singley, Mac H. Alford,

ABSTRACT A survey to document the vascular flora of the Gopher Farm sandhill, Wayne County, Mississippi, was conducted from 2011 to 2015. As a part of the Chickasawhay Ranger District of the DeSoto National Forest, the Gopher Farm represents one of the most northerly sandhills in the Coastal Plain of Mississippi and one the largest …


A Comparison of Herbivore Damage on Three Invasive Plants and Their Native Congeners: Implications for the Enemy Release Hypothesis

Author : Varma-Rose J. Williams

Additional Authors : Heather F. Sahli

ABSTRACT One explanation for the success of exotic plants in their introduced habitats is that, upon arriving to a new continent, plants escaped their native herbivores or pathogens, resulting in less damage and lower abundance of enemies than closely related native species (enemy release hypothesis). We tested whether the three exotic plant species, Rubus phoenicolasius …


Flora and Threatened and Endangered Plants of Canaveral National Seashore, Florida

Author : Paul A. Schmalzer

Additional Authors : Tammy E. Foster

ABSTRACT Canaveral National Seashore (CANA) incorporates ca. 23,335 ha of land, shallow lagoons, and offshore waters in east central Florida. We surveyed the flora in 20 terrestrial sites and one lagoon site between the fall of 2002 and the fall of 2004, made additional collections from 2005 to 2015, and examined existing collections in the …


The Effects of Fire and Other Habitat Characteristics on Habitat Selection of Exyra ridingsii (Riley), the Riding’s Pitcherplant Looper Moth

Author : Christine A. Ricci

Additional Authors : Albert J. Meier Ouida W. Meier T. Keith Philips

ABSTRACT Exyra ridingsii is a host-specific moth that spends its entire immature life cycle in the Sarracenia flava L. pitcher plant. Sarracenia flava requires a habitat that undergoes frequent fires and has acidic moist soil. During this investigation we studied the degree to which E. ridingsii damaged S. flava under different environmental conditions. From summer …


IN MEMORIAM — Dr. Malcolm ‘‘Ray’’ Neyland, Jr. (1954–2016)

Author : Lowell E. Urbatsch,

Additional Authors : Juliana Hinton,