Book Review: Thomas Walter and His Plants. The Life and Works of a Pioneer American Botanist

Author : Allison Cusick

Ward, Daniel B. 2017. Thomas Walter and His Plants. The Life and Works of a Pioneer American Botanist. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden, Vol. 115, Heritage Series, Number 2. Bronx, New York. 220 p. Hardbound. $59.99. ISBN 978-0-89327-539-6. Thomas Walter (1740?–1789?) is a mystery man in many respects. His birth place and date …


Vascular Flora and Composition of Miles Hill Prairie, Monroe County, Illinois

Author : William E. McClain

Additional Authors : Loy R. Phillippe, John E. Ebinger,

ABSTRACT Large expanses of loess hill prairie were once common along the bluffs of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers of Illinois. These communities occur in forest openings on thick loess deposits overlying bedrock and frequently have expanses of exposed limestone at their margins (glades). Warm season, clump-forming grasses dominate the herbaceous vegetation along with a …


Fifty-Five Years of Change in a Northwest Georgia Old-Growth Forest

Author : Rachel B. Butler

Additional Authors : Michael K. Crosby B. Nicole Hodges

ABSTRACT Old-growth forests provide unique insight into historical compositions of forests in the eastern United States. Plots established within a mixed forest community within Marshall Forest in Rome, Georgia, in 1960 (and remeasured in 1989) were reassessed to determine changes in forest composition. The community has experienced approximately 10% increase in basal area since the …


Microsites Supporting Endemic Populations of Mountain Stewartia (Stewartia ovata) in East Tennessee

Author : Joshua J. Granger

Additional Authors : David S. Buckley, John M. Zobel

ABSTRACT Mountain stewartia (Stewartia ovata) is the only member of the family Theaceae endemic to Tennessee. Apart from its physical description and rarity, little is known about this woody understory species. Accounts of stewartia populations and range descriptions are longstanding, but microsite descriptions are limited in detail. We quantified microsites supporting populations of stewartia across …


Additions to the Flora of Georgia Vouchered at the University of Georgia (GA) and Valdosta State University (VSC) Herbaria

Author : Wendy B. Zomlefer

Additional Authors : J. Richard Carter James R. Allison W. Wilson Baker David E. Giannasi Steven C. Hughes Ron W. Lance Phillip D. Lowe Patrick S. Lynch Jennifer T. Miller Thomas S. Patrick Eric Prostko Sabrina Y.S. Sewell Alan S. Weakley

ABSTRACT Twenty-seven species, new to the flora of Georgia, are reported here and validated by cited voucher specimens at the University of Georgia (GA) and Valdosta State University (VSC) herbaria, the two largest herbaria in the state. Reassessment and comparison of these collections data have been greatly facilitated by specimen digitization efforts, especially those fostered …


Noteworthy Collections: South Carolina (83-1)

Author : Joel M. Gramling

Additional Authors : Daniel J. Castillo, Johnathan M. Overcash, Patrick D. McMillan, Richard D. Porcher, Jr.

Oenothera riparia Nutt. (ONAGRACEAE) – Charleston and Colleton Counties: In the drawdown zone on both the Charleston and Colleton County sides of the Edisto River near Jacksonboro, South Carolina, dozens of plants were observed growing primarily around stumps and on logs adjacent to both freshwater tidal swamp forests and freshwater tidal marshes along a 12 …


Assessing Postfire Vegetative Changes and Implications for Management in a Northeast Florida Coastal Strand Ecosystem

Author : Barbara I. Blonder

Additional Authors : John M. Wooldridge, Mary B. Garrard,

ABSTRACT Coastal ecosystems face numerous well-documented threats that pose significant risk of reduction in the ability of these ecosystems to persevere. Although coastal disturbance processes related to maritime exposure are relatively well known, the past and potential impacts of fire in these ecosystems have not been well studied. Because fire plays such an important role …


Noteworthy Collections: Rediscovery of Ribes americanum (Grossulariaceae) in Maryland

Author : Coleman Minney

Additional Authors : Andrew P. Landsman

Ribes americanum P. Miller (Grossulariaceae)— MARYLAND, Frederick County: Jefferson, mid-successional floodplain forest, on wetland edge. Exact geographic coordinates are currently withheld until the United States National Park Service can ensure the long-term protection and viability of the population. Significance. In the summer of 2016, a new population of Ribes americanum was discovered during surveys for …


Cyathia of Euphorbia spathulata (Euphorbiaceae) Possess Both Cleistogamous and Chasmogamous Modes of Pollination

Author : Christian Rabot

Additional Authors : W. John Hayden

ABSTRACT Cyathium morphology of Euphorbia spathulata from three populations in central Virginia was studied from early developmental stages through nominal anthesis, defined by exposure of the cyathium to the external environment by divergence of paired subtending cyathophylls. Observations were made via dissecting microscope, compound light microscope sections, and scanning electron microscopy. The plants studied revealed …


Application of DNA Flow Cytometry to Aid Species Delimitation in Isoetes

Author : Jay F. Bolin

Additional Authors : Carmony L. Hartwig, Peter Schafran, Slavko Komarnytsky

ABSTRACT The genus Isoetes is known for morphological convergence and a relative paucity of useful gross morphological characters for identification. Thus, the chromosome complements of Isoetes spp. are key attributes for species delimitation. Like many other plant lineages, polyploidy and reticulate evolution are important drivers of speciation in Isoetes. In the southeastern US Isoetes flora, …