A Natural Occurrence of the Federally Endangered Short’s Goldenrod (Solidago shortii T. & G.) [Asteraceae] in Indiana: Its Discovery, Habitat, and Associated Flora


Micheal A. Homoya

Additional Authors:

D. Brian Abrell


December – 2005


Solidago shortii, Asteraceae, Indiana

A new occurrence of the federally endangered species Solidago shortii (Short’s goldenrod), consisting of approximately 190 genets, was discovered in 2001 during an inventory of riparian habitats bordering the Blue River in Harrison County, Indiana. The natural community type of the site in which Solidago shortii occurs is classified as brush prairie gravel wash. In addition to S. shortii, the site includes other Indiana rare species, namely Baptisia australis, Ceanothus herbaceus, Phlox bifida ssp. stellaria, and Vitis rupestris. A total of 125 vascular plant species were found at the site, with the dominant species being Andropogon gerardii.