Further Notes on the Occurrence of Desmids in Utricularia Bladders


George J. Schumacher

Additional Authors:


March – 1960


Desmids, Utticularia, Bladders, foliosa, gibba, vulgaris

Since the publication of the paper (Schumacher 1958) concerning the presence of desmids in the bladders of certain living Utricularia, the question has arisen whether this phenomenon occurs in other species of Utricularia and in areas other than North Carolina. If an examination of dried material would reveal a number of desmid cells that could be properly identified then it could be assumed this endophytonic relationship exists between these plants when alive. In the hope of answering this question, herbarium specimens were obtained of Utricularia foliosa L. from Porter Pond, Georgia; Utricularia gibba L. from Oswego, N. Y.; and Utricularia vulgaris L. from Fairbanks, Alaska.