Host Distribution of Mistletoe in Kentucky


Clyde F. Reed

Additional Authors:

Priscilla G. Reed


March – 1951


Mistletoe, Kentucky, trees, loranthid, Phorandendron, flavescens

For a year we had looked everywhere in Kentucky for plants – in the mountains, in the swamps, along the rivers, under the cliffs, in the rockhouses, everywhere – but it wasn’t until after our honeymoon that we realized that we hadn’t collected up in the trees. For there abided that alluring loranthid which so often eludes even the botanist’s attention – except upon occasion. Seemingly we had never found the occasion, till now. And now, we felt that more should be known about the distribution of Mistletoe in Kentucky. This report deals chiefly with the data of botanical importance which we have collected concerning the host distribution of Phoradendron flavescens in Kentucky.