Notes on Chromosome Numbers in Chelone (Scrophulariaceae)


Allan D. Nelson

Additional Authors:

Wayne J. Elisens and Debbie Benesh


June – 1998


Chromosome, Chelone, Scrophulariaceae, C. cuthbertii, C. glabra, C. lyonii, C. obliqua

Chromosome counts from 44 populations, representing four species of Chelone from throughout its range in eastern North America, are reported for the first time and counts from six populations examined by other researchers are discussed. Chromosome number determinations in Chelone generally agree with those of previous work and suggest a base number of x = 14 and an euploid series: C. cuthbertii, C. glabra, and C. lyonii are 2n = 28; C. obliqua populations in the southern Blue Ridge are 2n = 4x = 56; whereas C. obliqua populations from elsewhere are 2n = 6x = 84. The taxonomy of species, distribution of chromosome races, and cytotypes are discussed.