Noteworthy Botanical Collections from the Fire-Maintained Pineland and Wetland Communities of the Coastal Plain of the Carolinas and Georgia


Patrick D. McMillian

Additional Authors:

Robert K. Peet, Richard D. Porcher, and Bruce A. Sorrie


March – 2002


North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina

During a survey of residual fire-maintained pineland vegetation of the Atlantic Coastal Plain Province, we discovered occurrences of numerous rare species. Here we report 27 taxa as new or historically reported without known documentation for South Carolina and one as new to North Carolina. Two species are identified as having been incorrectly attributed to South Carolina. In addition, the known ranges of 20 other regionally rare taxa are significantly expanded. The additions to the South Carolina flora include primarily species more common farther to the south and species formerly thought to display range disjunctions between southeastern North Carolina and Florida or southwestern Georgia.