Noteworthy Plants of Georgia


Arthur Cronquist

Additional Authors:


September – 1949


Plants, Georgia

During the spring and summer of 1948 I had opportunity to make rather extensive plant collections in Georgia. The work was supported in part directly by the University of Georgia, and in part by a grant-in-aid from the Carnegie Research Committee of the University Center in Georgia. Since I am transferring my major botanical activities to the Pacific Northwest, it seems advisable to place on record at this time certain notes accruing chiefly from my field and herbarium work of 1948. Through the kindness of Dr. George H. Boyd, director of research at the University of Georgia, I have been able to visit the United States National Herbarium, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, the New York Botanical Garden, a.nd the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University as an aid in the preparation of this paper. The new entities proposed are presented first, followed by a discussion of some unusual habitats and their more noteworthy plant inhabitants. In conclusion, some additional state records and comments are listed in Englerian sequence. Except as otherwise noted, all specimens cited are in the herbarium of the University of Georgia. Most of my own collections are in sets of ten or more and will be distributed to major herbaria.