Phytoplankton Composition at Lake Drummond in the Dismal Swamp, Virginia. Summer 1970


Harold G. Marshall

Additional Authors:

William H. Poore, Jr.


March – 1972


Phytoplankton, Lake Drummond, Dismal Swamp, Virginia, Asterionella, formosa, Melosira, Herzogii, Closteriam, gracile, Staurastrum, paradoxum

A summer study of the phytoplankton in Lake Drummond is discussed. The lake is located in the center of the Dismal Swamp region of southeastern Virginia. There was little species diversity of the phytoplankton which was composed mainly of diatoms, desmids, and phytoflagellates. The dominant species were <em>Asterionella formosa</em>, <em>Melosira Herzogii</em>, <em>Closteriam gracile</em>, and <em>Staurastrum paradoxum</em>.