Recommendations Concerning the Identification of Carex retroflexa and Carex texensis (Cyperaceae; Section Phaestoglochin Dumort)


Robert G. Downer

Additional Authors:

Philip E. Hyatt


September – 2003


Carex retroflexa, Carex texensis, Phaestoglochin

A statistical analysis of characteristics of Carex retroflexa Willd. and Carex texensis (Torr.) L. H. Bailey is provided. This analysis confirms the distinctiveness of these two species, which some authors have considered as a single taxon in the past. Analysis reveals Carex texensis perigynia average less than 1.3 mm wide, with a spongy portion length of less than 1.1 mm. Carex retroflexa perigynia average 1.3 mm or more wide, with a spongy portion 1.1 mm long or longer.