The Aizoaceae and Molluginaceae of the Southeastern United States


John R. Boetsch

Additional Authors:


March – 2002


Aizoaceae, Molluginaceae

Keys and descriptions are presented for the Molluginaceae and the Aizoaceae, sensu stricto, of the southeastern United States. Two genera and four species (1 native) are documented for Molluginaceae; for the Aizoaceae, sensu stricto, seven genera and ten species (3 native) are documented. Two taxa formerly attributed to either the Aizoaceae, sensu lato, or Molluginaceae (Gisekia pharnacioides and Geocarpon minimum) are excluded from the Molluginaceae and Aizoaceae, sensu stricto, but are described herein and included in the keys for the purpose of cross-reference and historical perspective. An additional six species (one species in Molluginaceae and five species in three genera of Aizoaceae, sensu stricto) which occur in areas adjacent to the southeastern states are also included.