The Roses of Virginia and West Virginia


Walter H. Lewis

Additional Authors:


September – 1958


Roses, Virginia, West Vriginia, Cinnamomeae, palustris, carolina, acicularis, Sayi, Synstylae, setigera, eglanteria, canina, rugosa, Caninae, multiflora

Both the native and introduced species of Rosa make up a conspicuous part of the flora of Virginia and West Virginia. Included are three native species in the section Cinnamomeae: R. palustris Marsh., R. carolina L., and R. acicularis Lindl. subsp. Sayi (Schw.) Lewis, and one species in the section Synstylae, R. setigera Michx. Five introduced species are known in this region: R. eglanteria L. and R. canina L. (Caninae), R. rugosa Thunb. and R. cinnamomea L. (Cinnamomeae), and R. multiflora Thunb. (Synstylae).