The Vegetation of the High Terrace Rolling Uplands, Louisiana


James E. Van Kley

Additional Authors:


December – 1999


Louisiana, High Terrace Rolling Uplands, Forest, longleaf pine, soil, floodplains


The High Terrace Rolling Uplands include the majority of Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest and contain some of the most extensive longleaf pine communities remaining on the western gulf coastal plain. Forty-seven mature stands from this region were sampled. Occurrences of ground layer and overstory species were recorded. Soils and physiography were described and topsoil samples collected. Data were subjected to Two Way Indicator Species Analysis (TWINSPAN) classification and Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) ordination. Ordination scores corresponded to a primary gradient of topographic position and fire frequency and to secondary gradients of wetness among stream floodplains and soil texture among upland sites. Ordination and classification results were used to describe eight natural community types ranging from moist-mesic floodplains to upland longleaf pine communities on sandy soils.