Tree Ring Study in Kentucky


B. B. Mc Inteer

Additional Authors:


June – 1947


Tree, Ring, Kentucky

A. survey was started in the autum of 1944 to ascertain the relation between annual growth, as determined by ring width, and periodic rainfall in two localities in Kentucky-one near Berea and the other near Burnside. It is hoped that this material will serve as the basis for further work in tree-ring study in this particular part of the country. A.s far a.s the writer is aware, no previous work of this nature has been carried on within the state. Other work has been done however, in regions near here at which places soil water was a limiting factor in growth. It is often the case that rainfall is not enough for a maximum growth of forest vegetation in this section of the country, but there are times in which the precipitation is more than sufficient for the best growth of these trees and there are instances, no doubt. in which this excess water is actually disadvantageous indirectly, because it may fall at a time in which it cannot be used or it may fall in such quantities that it cannot all be retained. This excess water either runs off the surface or percolates through the soil and in either case certain essential minerals, in solution, are lost, resulting in the soil becoming less productive.