Vascular Flora of Yalobusha County, Mississippi


Keri K. Denley

Additional Authors:

Charles T. Bryson and Robert A. Stewart


December – 2002


Yalobuaha County, Mississippi,

Yalobusha County, located in the north-central portion of Mississippi, consists of 130,535 hectares. Vascular plants were collected and documented between August 1998 and April 2001. A total of 805 species is documented, representing 414 genera and 133 families. Poaceae is the largest family (11.3%), followed by Asteraceae (10.6%) and Cyperaceae (9.0%). One hundred eighteen species can be considered exotic. A new state record, the fern Deparia petersenii, is reported. Eight state-listed species, Scleria reticularis (S1), Carex stricta (S2), Celastrus scandens (S2/S3), Chelone glabra (S3), Matelea carolinensis (S3), Panax quinquefolium (S3), Staphylea trifolia (S3), and Muhlenbergia sylvatica (SU) are reported. Voucher specimens of each species are deposited at Delta State University (DSC).