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Volume 87 — Issue 1 (May 2022)

The Effects of Varying Nutrient Availability on Females and Hermaphrodites of the Gynodioecious Geranium maculatum

Sexual dimorphism in plant growth and/or reproductive responses to the surrounding environment has been documented in some plant species. In gynodioecious plants, it is especially important to understand whether females and hermaphrodites differ in their response to environmental stressors, as the fitness of females relative to hermaphrodites determines the extent

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Volume 87 — Issue 1 (May 2022)

Noteworthy Collections: First documented antheridia on Palamocladium leskeoides (Brachytheciaceae) in North America

The collection reported here of Palamocladium leskeoides, made in Tennessee, represents the first documented observation of antheridia on this species in North America. Palamocladium leskeoides is a dioicous moss species with a pantropical distribution. Uncommon in the United States, it grows in disjunct populations in moist habitats on calcareous rock.

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Volume 87 — Issue 1 (May 2022)

Ecological Correlates of Reproductive Output in a Tennessee Population of Short’s Bladderpod, Physaria globosa (Brassicaceae)

Physaria globosa (Brassicaceae), commonly known as Short’s Bladderpod, is a federally protected species restricted to Tennessee, Kentucky, and southern Indiana. In 2016, we studied aspects of life history and ecology in a population of P. globosa near Hartsville, Tennessee. Our objectives were to document fecundity-related life history traits and to

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