Volume 17 – Issue 3 (Sep 1952)

The Lycosphens of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia

Modern classifications of plants divide the vascular cryptogams into four classes: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Sphenopsida and Pteropsida (in part). The second and third of these are often called the “lycosphens”, the first not being represented in the floras of temperate regions except in laboratories and hot houses and the fourth being the true ferns and fern-like plants; also included in the Pteropsida are the flowering plants and the gymnosperms. Under older classifications the first three classes and that part of the Pteropsida including the ferns were placed under the Pteridophyta, chiefly because of similarities in their life-cycles. This paper deals with the Lycopsida (Lycopodium, Selaginella and Isoetes) and the Sphenopsida (Equisetum).

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The Ranges of some Plants of the Appalachian Shale Barrens

Among the most interesting plants of the mid-Appalachian region are the endemic species of the shale barrens. These have been treated by numerous investigators, including Steele, Wherry and Platt, but it beems [sic] desirable to bring together information relative to their ranges, from collected material in various herbaria. The following symbols are used to designate the institutions supplying the material examined:

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