Volume 19 – Issue 4 (Dec 1954)

Ray C. Friesner

Ray C. Friesner was born February 8, 1894, at Bremen, Ohio, and died December 1, 1952, in Indianapolis, Indiana, after thirty-three years of faithful service to Butler University. He was educated in the Bremen public schools and received his A.B. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1916. The University of Michigan granted him the Ph.D. degree in 1919 and the same year he went to Butler University as instructor in biology. In 1920 he was made head of the new department of botany, a position he held until his death. He was married to Gladys Miller in June, 1925.

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Charles Clemon Deam

In presenting a biographic account of the life and the botanical work of Charles C. Deam I find it difficult to select words which will describe the man I learned to know through an association with him covering a period of about 25 years. It was only by knowing him that one could come to understand him and in that way the experience of his life could really be shared. To those who knew Deam personally, to those who knew about him and his botanical work, and to those who read these words, I suggest that the life of Deam was itself a botanical era. That era began on August 30, 1865 and ended on May 29, 1953. His work and his influence will continue for a long time. Rarely does such an unusual individual appear on the scene of life.

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