Volume 23 – Issue 3 (Sep 1958)

Flora of the Central Virginia Blue Ridge: Additions to the Check-List

Since publication of “A Preliminary Check-list of Plants of the Central Virginia Blue Ridge” (Castanea 15:1, March, 1950) approximately 416 additional collections have been added and there have been some corrections in identification. The eighth edition of Gray’s Manual has also appeared, and other changes have been made in the check-list to conform to it. This revised list includes results of incidental collecting, and of more concentrated effort in the summer of 1954 and the spring of 1957.

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Mistletoe in Tennessee

It seems that about my first remembrance of the American Mistletoe (Phoradendron flavescens (Pursh) Nutt.) dates back to the first decade of the present century. My father, an uncle, and two of my older brothers cleared a “‘new ground” from a virgin deciduous forest on my father’s farm near Russellville in Franklin County, Alabama. Chestnut trees (Castanea dentata) were very common in that part of the country in those days as they were in a large part of eastern United States, and most of the rails for fences in our neighborhood were made from chestnut, although in one section of Franklin County a large portion of the rails were derived from the red cedar (Juniperus virginiana). It seems to me that many of the chestnut trees which furnished rails contained much mistletoe. And even as late as December, 1920, a chestnut tree was cut on my father’s farm in order

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