Volume 34 – Issue 4 (Dec 1969)

Stachys hispida and S. tenuifolia in Ohio

ABSTRACT Study of diagnostic characters on herbarium specimens shows that approximately half of the Ohio specimens of the Stachys hispida-S. tenuifolia complex are easily assignable to one species or the other. The remainder, with various combinations of characters and/or intermediate characters, are referrable to a species only with difficulty or are impossible to place in either. Ohio specimens are best treated as a single variable species.

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Notes on Epifagus

ABSTRACT Notes on range, life span, early development, parasitic relationships, flowering, nature of the gynoecium, and seed dispersal of Epifagus virginiana (Orobanchaceae) are given; a distribution map is included.

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Notes on Tennessee Plants

ABSTRACT Reported for the first time from Tennessee are the following taxa: Rhynchospora fascicularis, Carex venusta var. minor, Arabis hirsuta var. adpressipilis, Potentilla anserina, P. argentea, Satureja arkansana, Solidago strigosus, Aster spectabilis, and Hypochaeris radicata; and others of interest.

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