2020 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Recipients


2020 Richard and Minnie Windler Award Committee

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May 2020


The Richard and Minnie Windler Award recognizes the authors of the best systematics and ecology papers published in Castanea during the previous year. For 2020, authors of two articles were selected as winners: Max Lanning and Kathy Mathews for “Taxonomy, Distribution, and Lectotypification of Two Rare, Southern Appalachian Saxifrages, Micranthes careyana and M. caroliniana” (Castanea 84[1]:93–108); and Ryan Huish, Amy E. Faivre, Melissa Manow, and Conley K. McMullen for “Investigations Into the Reproductive Biology of the Southern Appalachian Endemic Piratebush (Buckleya distichophylla): Pollination Biology, Fruit Development, and Seed Germination” (Castanea 84[1]:3–27).