Publishing As A Student

Quality Research

We welcome quality student research in any field of Botany.

The hardest part about getting published is doing good research. 

Once you’ve done this, we will help you through the review process.

Peer Review

Your work will go through the normal peer-review process and be evaluated by professionals from the field(s) relevant to your research. 

As always in the peer-review process your personal information will be removed and the reviewers will receive  and provide feedback on an anonomyzed copy.


Our Editor-in-Chief will help you navigate this process and add your work to scientific literature. 

Our Writing Guidelines

We offer an easy to follow guide to formatting and citing your paper for submission to our editors. 

12 Free Print-Pages for Student Members

Our Sustaining Members generously sponsor the first 12 printed pages of your research if published in Castanea

This saves students up to $480!

Submit via Scholastica

Castanea partners with Scholastica to manage our submission and peer-review process.

Use the button below to submit your scholarly article to the editors of Castanea for peer-review and publication. 

The heart and soul of good writing is research; you should write not what you know but what you can find out about.

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