A Floristic Inventory of O’Leno State Park and Northeast River Rise State Preserve, Alachua and Columbia Counties, Florida


Bian Hwee Tan

Additional Authors:

Walter S. Judd


June – 1995


O’Leno, Alachua, Columbia County, Florida,

A floristic inventory was documented for O’Leno State Park and the northeastern portion of River Rise State Preserve, located in Alachua and Columbia Counties, Florida. Notes on climate, physical geography, and human history are given as an introduction to a discussion of the plant communities. Communities recognized within the 923.6 ha site include mesic hammock with limestone sinks, floodplain forests and swamps, marshes, scrubby flatwoods, xerophytic oak scrub, sandhill, aquatic vegetation of rivers, ponds and lakes, and old field or ruderal communities. Species, totaling 540 and representing 334 genera in 113 families, appear in an annotated list.