Additional Distribution Records of Ferns and Fern-allies from Kentucky


Dale M. Smith

Additional Authors:


June – 1959


Ferns, Fern-allies, Kentucky, Ophioglossaceae, Botrychiaceae, Lygodiaceae, Osmundaceae, Pteridaceae, Aspidiaceae, Aspleniaceae, Polypodiaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Selaginellaceae, Equisetaceae

A recent list of the ferns and fern-allies of Kentucky (Reed, in Castanea 23: 1-13, 1958.) gives the county-by-county distributions of eighty-one taxa. That account summarizes the published distribution data, and to this there are added approximately 250 new county records of ferns and fern-allies which are to “form the basis of a new Fern Flora of Kentucky”. Now that the herbarium of the Department of Botany of the University of Kentucky is being reactivated following the disastrous fire in 1948, numerous new distribution records for Kentucky plants are coming to light. The present report lists approximately 150 new county records for ferns and fern-allies alone. One taxon which is new for the State and is represented among these is Aspleniumn gravesii Maxon.