Additional Populations of Harperocallis flava McDaniel (Liliaceae)


Steven W. Leonard

Additional Authors:

W. Wilson Baker


June – 1983


Haperocallis, flava, Harper’s beauty, Florida

<em>Harperocallis flava</em> McDaniel (Harper’s beauty), a federally endangered species, occurs along a 32-kilometer stretch of SR 65 in Franklin and Liberty Counties, Florida. Previous estimates of populations at the three known stations were less than 100 plants. In May 1982 additional colonies were found along SR 65 and along the Apalachicola Northern Railroad in Liberty County. A revised estimate of 6,000 Harper’s beauty plants is reported. Habitat studies and management plans are needed. In view of the apparent threat by collectors, the restricted range of the species, and the lack of knowledge pertaining to species biology, continued endangered status for Harper’s beauty is recommended.