An Inventory of a Private Property Illustrates Diverse Cryptogam Floras in North Central Texas


Taylor S. Quedensley

Additional Authors:

Dale A. Kruse and Caleb A. Morse


Nov – 2021


Bryophytes, cryptogams, lichens, lichen-allied fungi, Texas flora

The cryptogamic flora has remained unexplored in much of Texas and here we report 49 bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, and a hornwort) and 180 lichen-forming and allied fungi from a small private property in North Central Texas. Of the 229 species reported, 30 lichen-forming fungi (lichens) are here reported for the first time in Texas. Moreover, 76 of all taxa collected are represented by 10 or fewer specimen records in the state. Therefore, one out of every three species collected for this study represents a novel documented occurrence for a taxon belonging to poorly known and ecologically important groups of organisms. These results highlight the efforts of continuing to document cryptogam species throughout Texas and how cooperation with private landowners can contribute to novel biodiversity studies.