Community Analysis of Green Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia oreophila) Bogs in Alabama


Terry Boyer

Additional Authors:

Robert Carter


December 2011


ABSTRACT Multivariate analysis of vegetation and environmental variables from green pitcher plant (Sarracenia oreophila) bogs in northeast Alabama revealed three communities with unique species compositions and soil characteristics. Discriminant analysis of environmental variables revealed that A-horizon percent N, A and B horizon pH, humus layer thickness, and B-horizon K (kg/ha) were significantly related to the communities. A Quercus rubra, Arundinaria appalachiana, Pinus echinata community was found on upland seepage bogs located exclusively on Lookout Mountain close to the rim of the Little River Canyon and scattered along perennial streams. A Quercus falcata, Diospyros virginiana, Rhododendron canescens community was found on both Lookout and Sand Mountain in flat broad swales bisected by ephemeral streams. A Rhexia virginica, Dichanthelium scoparium, Carex glaucescens community was found primarily on Sand Mountain in open flood prone areas.