Confirmation of the Hybrid Origin of Eupatorium 3truncatum (Asteraceae) Using Nuclear and Plastid Markers


Michael R. McKain

Additional Authors:

Mark A. Chapman Amanda L. Ingram


Sept 2010


ABSTRACT Eupatorium 3truncatum (Asteraceae) is distributed throughout the eastern United States and is thought to have originated from interspecific hybridization between E. perfoliatum and E. serotinum. This study confirms the hybrid origin of one E. 3truncatum population in central Indiana through analysis of DNA sequence data from nuclear ITS and corroborates the morphology-based hypothesis that E. perfoliatum and E. serotinum are its progenitors. Moreover, two single-copy nuclear loci showing fixed differences between the parents were in the heterozygous form in all hybrids analyzed, suggesting that these are all F1 hybrids. Plastid psbA-trnH intergenic spacer sequences identify E. serotinum as the maternal progenitor of all sampled hybrids.