Cyanobacteria Dominance in the Oligohaline Waters of Back Bay, Virginia


Harold G. Marshall

Additional Authors:


Sept 2012


algal blooms, Back Bay, cyanobacteria, N:P ratios, Virginia

ABSTRACT Back Bay and its flora have historically been influenced by the interaction of freshwater flow in combination with frequent intrusion of saline water into its basin. These events have resulted in a dynamic environmental setting influencing the abundance and composition of its phytoplankton community. Dominating these oligohaline waters is a diverse representation and high abundance of freshwater filamentous and colonial cyanobacteria. These include the nonheterocystous Planktolyngbya contorta, Planktolyngbya limnetica, and Pseudanabaena limnetica, taxa implicated as bloom producers in Bay waters with N:P molar ratios ranging from 23:1 to 74:1