Five Amendments to the Flora of Southwest Virginia


Leonard J. Uttal

Additional Authors:


June – 1971


Flora, Virginia, Rhododendron, cumberlandense, Senecio, millefolium, Berteroa, incana, Phlox, buckleyi

Floristically, southwest Virginia, particularly the Cumberland Mountain region in Lee, Wise, and Dickenson counties, remains as challenging to the investigator as it was to Fernald in 1940, when he stimulated L. G. K. Carr (1965) to undertake field work there. Visits by botanists to these counties of difficult roads, dense forests, and foreboding cliffs have been sporadic, and the botanic inventory is far from complete. A preliminary visit to the area in June, 1970 indicates considerable potential for amplification and correction of Carr’s work, done more than twenty years before publishing. Further visits to investigate the Cumberland element in the Virginia flora are contemplated.