Geographical Distribution and Notes on the Ecology of the Rare Endemic Leavenworthia exigua var. laciniata


Jerry M. Baskin

Additional Authors:

Carol C. Baskin


December – 1981


Leavenworthia, exigua, laciniata, limestone, dolomite, Kentucky

<em>Leavenworthia exigua</em> var. <em>laciniata</em> Rollins is endemic to limestone and dolomite glades in Bullitt and Jefferson Counties, Kentucky, and it is on the Smithsonian’s 1978 list of recommended endangered plant species in the United States. A map of the geographical distribution of the taxon is presented, showing the locations of 22 populations in eastern Bullitt Co. and one in southern Jefferson Co. The ecological life cycle of <em>L. exigua</em> var. <em>laciniata</em> is described.