Hamilton McSparrin Gamble


Pattie H. Chrisman

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March – 1954


Hamilton McSparrin Gamble

Hamilton McSparrin Gamble was born at Moorefield, Virginia, October 25, 1838, and practically his whole life was spent in the town of his nativity. He was a son of James Carr Gamble and Mrs. Elizabeth Maria Williams Gamble. From his early boyhood he was of a studious turn of mind and a lover of nature; and many hours and days he spent with rod and gun along the banks of the beautiful South Branch of the Potomac, or wandering among the hills and mountains of his native county, enjoying more the great beauties of mountain, forest and stream than the sport of hunting or fishing. For he was one of those of whom our American poet, Bryant, spoke, when he wrote: “To him, who in the love of nature, Holds communion with her visible forms, She speaks a various language.”