Native and Non-native Additions to the Vascular Plants of the Berea College Forest, Madison, Jackson, and Rockcastle Counties, Kentucky


Ralph L. Thompson

Additional Authors:

John E. Abrams and Glen E. Dandeneau




Berea College Forest, county records, Kentucky, native and non-native plants

A vascular plant reconnaissance was made of the Berea College Forest (BCF), a 3,765-ha managed forest within Madison, Jackson, and Rockcastle counties in east-central Kentucky. The survey was principally conducted during the growing seasons from 2014–2021. Forty-five new taxa (21 native; 24 non-native) representing 20 new genera, and five new families were documented. A total of 30 county records (22 Madison, four Jackson, four Rockcastle) were represented. The known BCF flora now constitutes 1,087 taxa, 540 genera, and 144 families.