New County Records Collected in Tidal Wetlands of Four Coastal Plain Counties Along the James River, Virginia


Robert B. Atkinson

Additional Authors:

Noryln L. Bodkin and James E. Perry


March – 1990


Tidal, Wetlands, Coastal, James River, Virginia


The James River drains nearly a quarter of Virginia and traverses 483 km before entering the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay. It is the third largest tributary to the Bay. The river is tidal below the fall line and is bordered by wetlands. The present study examined tidal wetland floristics of four coastal plain counties along the lower James River. The study included nine sites: two estuarine emergent, three palustrine emergent, and four palustrine forested wetlands. Two hundred eighty-six species were found; 59 were previously unknown for one or more of these counties.