New Pteridophyte Records in the Highlands Biological Station Area, Southern Appalachians


J. Dan Pittillo

Additional Authors:

W. H. Wagner, Jr., Donald R. Farrar, and S. W. Leonard


December – 1975


Pteridophyte, Appalachians, Botrychium, matricariaefolium, Dryopteris, neo-wherryi, goldiana, intermedia, Pteridium, awuilinum, latiusculum, pseudocaudatum, Woodwardia, virginica

Revised distributional records are presented for the ten counties surrounding Highlands, N. C. and include 48 county records and 3 state records. The state records, all of which are very rare, included the species <em>Botrychium matricariaefolium</em> A. Br. and the two hybrids, <em>Dryopteris</em> X <em>neo-wherryi</em> Wagner and <em>D. goldiana</em> X <em>intermedia</em>. The two varieties of <em>Pteridium aquilinum</em> (L.) Kuhn, vars. <em>latiusculum</em> (Desv.) Underw. ex Heller and <em>pseudocaudatum</em> (Clute) Heller, occur intermingled on the same road shoulder yet remain morphologically distinct, providing an excellent opportunity for studies of their isolating mechanisms. <em>Woodwardia virginica</em> (L.) Smith was noted to occur as a single colony covering an area 45 m long and 26 m wide at the widest point. This colony remained sterile for five years until disturbed by a beaver colony and the proportion of the colony which was disturbed suddenly became fertile. These observations provide additional opportunity for field and associated laboratory studies of the biology of pteridophytes.