Noteworthy Collections: Alabama 75(2)


J. Lawrence Brasher

Additional Authors:


June 2010


noteworthy collections,

Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin ssp. monostolum Parks & Hardin, Southern Appalachian Trout Lily (LILIACEAE)— Etowah County: four discrete colonies, the largest 20 m in diameter and containing thousands of plants, in oldgrowth mixed mesophytic forest on the base of north-facing limestone ledges and on the adjacent flood plain of Clear Creek at 185 m (600 ft.) elevation.

Significance. This is the first record of Erythronium umbilicatum ssp. monostolum in Alabama. Previously it has been known only as endemic to high elevation (1,400–1,600 m) cove forests or grassy areas on peaks in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee (Flora of North America 2002). This occurrence is 250 mi southwest of the nearest populations in the Smokies (Weakley 2008).