Noteworthy Collections: An Update on the Status of Clematis fremontii in Tennessee


Alaina Krakowiak

Additional Authors:

John Shelton, Joey Shaw


January 2019


noteworthy collection, Clematis fremontii, Tennessee

Clematis fremontii, Hamilton County.
Significance. This is the second known population of C. fremontii in Tennessee, where it is an S1, listed endangered species. The other Tennessee population occurs at a small, remnant cedar glade beside Adams Road in Hixson, Hamilton County. Aside from one population of about 25 individuals on property owned by Berry College in north-west Georgia (S1), C. fremontii is not found elsewhere east of the Mississippi River. Its range includes north-central Kansas (S5), south-central Nebraska (S3), disjunct populations in southern and eastern Missouri (S1), and one county in northern Arkansas (S1).