Noteworthy Collections: Haiti (77-4)


Dec 2012


Walter S. Judd

Additional Authors

Joel C. Timyan Gretchen M. Ionta

The collections listed below were made on recent Haitian fieldtrips by the second author, and each collection is associated with one or more photographs of the living plant. Clidemia umbellata (Mill.) L.O. Williams (MELASTOMATACEAE)— Dept. de l’Artibonite: near Morne Boeuf

Mecranium integrifolium (Naud.) Triana subsp. neibense (Skean) Skean (MELASTOMATACEAE)— Dept. de l’Artibonite: near Morne Boeuf

Miconia basilensis Urb. & Ekman (MELASTOMATACEAE)— Dept. de l’Artibonite: Massif du Nord, near Morne Basile


noteworthy collections,