Noteworthy Collections: Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina (82-2)


Robert J. Soreng

Additional Authors:

Roderick H. Simmons


Sept 2018


noteworthy collections,

Poa iconia Azn. var. iconia (POACEAE) – Maryland, Howard County: In wooded back yard, growing in moss, 13 May 1989, E. Cohen 22 (US); Prince George’s County: Near Margaret Brent Dormitory, College Park, Apr 1939, R. Rappleye 1552 (US); Virginia, City of Alexandria: Tarleton Park, ca. 0.25 km WNW of the intersection of S. Gordon Street and Wheeler Avenue; frequent in rich, silty loam of meadowy glade of ancient Piedmont/Central Appalachian Floodplain Swamp (Pin Oak-Swamp White Oak Type): Quercus palustris-Quercus bicolor/Carex tribuloides-Carex radiata-(Carex squarrosa) Forest (USNVC: CEGL006497) remnant along the old channel of Holmes Run, 16 Apr 2018, R.H. Simmons 4359 (AVCH) and 1 May 2018, R.H. Simmons 4363 (AVCH, NY, US, and Virginia Dept. Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage herbarium); North Carolina: May 1928, B.W. Wells s.n. (US).

Significance. These are the first reportings of Poa iconia for the eastern United States, and first published record for North America.