Noteworthy Collections of Four Non-native Vascular Plant Species New to the Flora of Alabama and One Species Rediscovered After 125 Years


Alvin R. Diamond

Additional Authors:


Sep 2020


Alabama, Geranium texanum, Gloriosa superba, Prunus yedoensis, Trifolium echinatum, Momordica charantia

Four species of vascular plants are reported here as new to Alabama: Geranium texanum, Gloriosa superba, Prunus yedoensis, and Trifolium echinatum; and one species was rediscovered after 125 years, Momordica charantia. The Prunus yedoensis record represents the first collection of this species from the Southeastern United States. The Gloriosa superba record is the first for this species outside of Florida. Based on habitat, population size, and/or previous collections, all of these taxa are considered to be introduced in the flora of Alabama.