Noteworthy Collections: South Carolina 74(2)


Daniel F. Brunton

Additional Authors:


June 2009


noteworthy collections,

Gratiola graniticola D. Estes & R. L. Small (PLANTAGINACEAE)—York County: 35.104965uN, 81.205331uW, 1.8 km east of Highway 321, 10 m south of Highway 55 opposite [southern terminus of] Green Pond Road, Clover, 17 May 1992, Brunton and McIntosh 11,113 (MICH, APSC, Brunton personal herbarium); 16 May 2008, Brunton and McIntosh 17,130 (USCH, APSC, Brunton personal herbarium, UNC, CAN, DUKE, WIN).

Significance. This represents the first record of Granite Hedge-hyssop beyond northcentral Georgia. It occurs at Clover, South Carolina in silty sand at the edge of shallow erosion pools on bare ground or associated with Isoetes piedmontana (Pfeiffer) Reed, Croton willdenowii Webster, Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) Schultes, Nuttallanthus canadensis (L.) D. Sutton, and Juncus dichotomus Elliott, on a tiny (,1 ha), open, granite flatrock (bedrock outcrop). A number of physically similar flatrocks with shallow erosion pools are evident on aerial imagery of the Clover, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina area. Examination on 16 May 2008 of two of these which supported most or all of the associated plants listed above failed to uncover other Gratiola populations. More comprehensive searches of the other flat rocks may uncover other local populations.